Boer Goat Farming - 5 Important Tips To Shorten Your Learning Curve


You might have seen a Boer goat but might not be aware of its breed. Many goat breeders find Boer goats an ideal animal to take care of: adaptable to changing environments and weather, grows fast, eats and are nourished from the most scarce of organic materials, tame and are good producers of kids and milk, and are relatively fuller or bigger in size. These qualities make them good choices in breeding. But in farming these wonderful creatures, the most basics are the most important right at the very beginning. It is a must that you are familiar with how to raise them well, by keeping them healthy as much as possible. With that, we list down five of the most important tips in Boer goat farming:

1. If you are interested in breeding these goats, find the perfect Boer buck to breed. Pick ones with fine fur and have distinct healthy qualities so that when you do the farming, your efforts will likely yield the best kids that can produce great meat, if not good milk. Boers have the distinct white fur with heads patched red, with ears sticking out like bells. In Boer goat farming, you don’t have to worry much about the mothers’ temperament, since Boers are known to have excellent nurturing skills, and once in their fullest stages, bucks can weigh to as much as 135 kilograms while does can reach to 100 kilograms.

2. To yield good chevon, cabrito or capretto (variations of goat meat), feeding your Boer goats fresh, nutritious food is a key. Though it may be true that there are particular nutrients only available in commercially processed feeds, you cannot be assured that what you feed might not be medicated (loaded with synthetic substance). It is always more advisable to prepare vegetables such as corn, or better yet, let your goats graze around a pasture.

3. Though they are not picky in nature, it is essential to keep your Boer goats on dry space. If you are a beginner in Boer goat farming and you think it won’t hurt if they are placed on either wet or moist environments, you’re getting it wrong: the extra humidity around a goat’s home might lead to several health complications, most especially if these spaces are not well cleaned or maintained. It is always advisable to sprinkle dry shavings (wood shavings, for example) on a regular basis, replacing the older ones as you go.

4. Consider the fencing, always. In Boer goat farming, once they are introduced into an enclosure, such as a shelter or a space where they are “fenced in”, your Boer goats will always try to escape. Devise a way to “outwit” your goats in such that they won’t beg too much to escape. Boer goats are proven to be calm in nature, but they are still goats: they will test your fence if it is strong enough.

5. Do your own checkups with your Boer goats. Check if your goat’s jaw is capable of chewing well, as alignment issues with the jaw might lead to complications in eating. Also check if their legs are adept enough for them to move. These goats are reputed to live at an average of 10 years and are capable of resisting disease, but if your checkups are not enough, there is always the local veterinarian to call.

The most basic tips are the ones which you should never forget in Boer goat farming the healthy and safe way! Take care of your Boer goats the same way you should take care of your pets so they get the proper care and treatment, as they grow bigger and stronger in the next few months.



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