Breeding Boer Goats - Important Tips To Help You Raise Boer Goats Properly


Are you in for breeding boer goats? If so, this article will provide you with some useful information about this breed and how to raise them properly. Boer goats originated from South Africa during the early part of the 1900s and were raised specifically for their meat. A typical boer goat has a white body with a brown head. It is a popular choice for meat production because of its famous growth rate and superb meat quality. For this reason, the term "boer" which means farmer is an apt name for this animal. Another fantastic quality of this breed is its tolerance to hot and dry climates. They are also resistant to diseases and their does are famous for their mothering skills which are incomparable to other breeds of goats. Breeding boer goats is a worthwhile venture for any farmer.

In terms of breeding, the typical boer doe will reach sexual maturity at 5 to 9 months and they can breed all year round. The does carry their young for 5 months and then suckle them for about three months. The usual gestation period for boer goats is from 149 days to 155 days. As a responsible breeder, you must vaccinate the does before kidding. The purpose of this is to make the kids receptive to the colostrum of the mother doe and give them temporary immunity in the process. It is also wise to have separate pens for does and for bucks to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Another advantage of separating them is to prevent the transfer of goat smell. Feed your boer goats only with nutritious hay and grain and supplemented with other commercial feeds available at your favorite local farm store. A word of caution though, does who are fed with grains should have a fewer supply of this type of food prior to weaning to curb infections of the udder. It is no wonder that breeding boer goats has become popular in the United States because of the quality of meat that this breed is able to produce and their high rate of production.

To maintain the health of your breeding bucks, be sure to vaccinate them annually and to deworm them as well for once every year. Limit the amount of doe services that your breeding bucks make especially if they are still young. Older breeding males can handle more does each year. Breeding boer goats can improve your earning capacity due to their ease of maintenance and high rate of return.


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