Goat Farming Business Plan - 5 Important Aspects


Goat farming business plan may be feasible because of the increasing human populations not only in this country but around the world. This situation creates considerable demand for more food sources of animal protein. Goats can contribute significantly in convening with this increasing demand. It necessitates farmers into making their goat farming activities for commercial production. It is less complicated to augment the population of existing goats as compared to the bigger stock. Economically, goat farming for commercial production has great potential in the industry.

1. Acquire adequate knowledge about the business

Before setting up a goat farming business plan, it should be noted that learning more and acquiring sufficient knowhow about this enterprise is very important. According to a business plan professional, a goat farming business may take about two to three years for the revenue to match the costs incurred in starting the business. Probably it will take four to five years to start making good profits for this enterprise. Part of the business plan is the estimation of growth rate between male and female goats as well as the mortality rate of ten percent per young goat given birth to.

2. Things to do in arranging a goat farming business plan

Farmer should survey the land, its location, road accessibility, availability of water sources, and other considerations. Inspect the condition of the soil if suitable for growing green fodder to feed the goats. It would be difficult to profit from raising goats if the feeds will be bought from outside sources. Prior to starting one’s goat farming business, it is recommended to visit other goat farms to have an idea about how they raise their goats, feeding supervision, managing goats, among other farm activities. While in the process of goat farming, you can also consider vermicomposting using daytime manure. This can also be a source of revenue since it goes along with goat farming. Nighttime manure can be used to fertilize the soil for growing fodder.

3. Reminders for a goat farming business plan

Avoid using goat milk to make cheese or other personal use because young goats require intake of this milk up to three months. At the time of purchase, choose pregnant female goats. They will deliver kids within forty to sixty days.

4. Synopsis for a goat farming business plan

Buy a land to set up the goat farming business. The farm should be composed of healthy goats to enhance productivity. Make certain that at least 89 percent of the goats will continue to provide kids. The initial number of goats has been planned to be more or less 150 including the breeding ones. Plan the feeding expenses on a daily basis vaccination costs per year per goat. A female goat is expected to deliver kids two times in a year. The goats have regular deworming schedules.

5. Calculating capital expenses

Capital expense for 150 goats - $13,500; goat shed - $1.080; warehouse for dry fodder - $ 180; labor housing - $180; cascade, ear tagging, etc - $54; cutter, mixer, tanks, etc. - $36; Cutting equipment for fodder - $500; feeders - $165; Total - $15,695.

These estimations are realistic figures to eventually help calculate costs and income. Profits that may possibly be generated with good goat farming business plan can increase with the right labor, feedings, and managing goat pregnancies.



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