Keeping Goats As Pets - 5 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Pet Goat


To be straightforward, keeping goats as pets is no similar task to that of dog or cat care; although goats are not that difficult to handle, extra commitment and maintenance is always a plus. Goats can be sociable pets needing low maintenance but ample patience. Being innately farm animals, goats must be allowed to accessible shelter, food, water and company (may it be with you the owner or with other critters). But even if they have uncommon demands, the experience of tending goats will be fruitful and uniquely rewarding.

Some facts to know before keeping a pet goat: as they are generally inquisitive, know that it is its nature once your pet goat embarks on “adventures” such as eating your garden’s edible design and ramming gates and fences, although it is not an excuse to leave it alone (as it will lead to more unexpected disaster); goats can live at an average of 15 to 25 years; yes, goats may eat anything “striking” to their eyes, so keep a close watch; and they can be leash-trained and once trained to respond on a name will approach once called.

Those things said, we highlight five things to remember on how to take care of your pet goat (if you consider having one):

1. Consider the breed. If you have the chance to raise a goat from a kid, be picky. Rule of thumb: start with friendly, healthy goats. Medium-sized La Manchas are ideal pets and will keep you in good company for their temperament, as they are friendly in nature, can be milked, are easy to handle and are trainable to a certain degree. Pygmy goats are also a popular breed, smaller and easier to manage. In keeping goats as pets, consider their sex as well. If you decide to keep pets only for company, wethers or male breeds, especially smaller ones, castrated before their sexual maturity won’t emit foul odor and are guaranteed not to display aggression. However, if you opt for a healthy, lactating dairy goat, you should invest extra time to milk it at least two times a day.

It has always been a debate on whether to “let the goat indoors” or not – but the truth is, unless you can guarantee a very patient, devoted training to “tame” your pet goat (which is possible), we do not recommend it. Goats are outdoor animals – furniture and house objects will be no less different to flowers and grass and bushes. That being said:

2. Size up the would-be shelter for your pet goat. It would be ideal to have a lush backyard or garden before considering keeping goats as pets. If it’s not fenced, fence the goat’s area as they are naturally inclined to escape to the greater outdoors – this way, they can roam around your prescribed space without breaking through the barricades. Do a little trial-and-error for your fence – you can never underestimate them as once they outwit you, they can climb on those fences. While you’re at it, why not create a pen or a little “barn” for it to cozy itself while sleeping or once cold? This way, they have easy access to protection from predators and the rainy months, lessening risks of illness and danger.

Don’t have any intention to make a shelter? At least don’t tether your pet goat. Tying them down increases your goat’s wanting to escape, as well as the chances that it be strangled in the process. Plus, if there are predators present, it cannot escape them.

3. Acknowledge their appetite. Goats are somehow voracious eaters, pausing only at intervals to get the food down so they can eat again. For starters, consider their age in selecting what to feed them. While a kid, bottle feed them until they can eat solid food. Aside from your prescribed diet of perhaps hay and alfalfa, the space you made for your goat must have ample plant types edible for your pet goat to complement on its needs.

4. Give it fresh water, as much as possible. In keeping goats as pets, it is a must to give them constant supply of clean water. As they are intuitive, they are not likely to drink dirty water. Consider the fact that once you gather water from the faucet without making sure the container’s clean or if your water source might be plagued with mud, bacteria and microorganisms might make your pet goat fall ill.

5. Schedule a regular veterinarian checkup for your pet goat. As with all pets, vaccinations are a must in keeping goats as pets. Activities such as deworming, tetanus immunization, treating from infections and controlling worms and parasites, as well as grooming measures such as shearing and hoof trimming, are essential and can only be done by vets in your local area.

Consider other questions too, such as getting it a partner, as goats are known to be herd animals and will be happier in the company of another animal.

To sum it up, keeping goats as pets can turn into an enjoyable experience once you follow the best measures to take care of your pet goat. It isn’t that hard if you would think about it – all it needs is enough time and commitment from its owner so they are properly taken care of. Who says keeping goats won’t be as enjoyable as having dogs and cats? It all depends on how you enjoy the company of your special little critter.



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