Raising Boer Goats - What Every Beginner Should Know About Keeping Boer Goats


The demand for goat meat or "chevon" has increased dramatically over the past years. About 63 to 65 percent of red meat consumed in the world is goat meat. The Boer goat, a large framed animal which resembles the Nubian goat, is one of the most popular breed of goat used for meat production. Due to the high demand of goat meat, there have been a lot of interests in raising Boer goats.

The Boer goat was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s and its name was derived from the Dutch word of farmer - "Boer". It is generally white with a reddish brown head and a white blaze down the middle of the face. Generally, its' bone structure is bigger and thicker compared to other breeds of goats and has a broad chest and heavy muscling in the rump. It has long ears that hang down along the sides of their faces. One major reason why there are a lot of interests in raising Boer goats is due to its high quality meat.

Keeping Boer goats is much easier compared to raising other livestock products because it is easy to handle. It can adapt to varying climate changes, from hot temperatures to dry climate and it has a high resistance to disease. They are fast growing and are fertile. If you are trying to breed goats for a profit or just for the enjoyment of it, the Boer goat is a great choice.

Although rearing Boer goats is enjoyable and may be profitable, it requires knowledge and skills for it to be a success. You should investigate the estimate costs and the market condition before starting to raise your own herd of goats. Once you have an adequate amount of money and other resources such as fences, shelter, land and food for the goat, you can then acquire the goats. Start with a small group of goats and buy them from reputable breeders. One buck (male goat) is enough for 25 to 50 female goats.

Remember to provide adequate space for the goats to run around and exercise. Design a covered shelter that can anticipate the needs of your goats. Have a supply of clean water, hay, grain and other amenities for your goats. Also have a veterinarian check on them regularly.

Raising Boer goats can be a profitable and an enjoyable experience. Just remember to take the time to learn about them. These goats, like any other specie, needs to be well fed and sheltered to survive. Simply remember these, and you can start raising your own herd of Boer goats.




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