Raising Meat Goats - 3 Common Questions


Raising meat goats for business requires a few and easy. Goat meats are very much in demand today just like pork and chicken. A lot of people entered the livestock business because it is one of the most highly in demand products. But how does a person become successful when it comes to raising meat goats? How does one take care of goats to be able to get perfect meat? How then do you choose the right breed and where to market these meat products? These are the common questions that are asked by aspiring goat farmers.

This article will talk about the three common questions that farmers come across when it comes to raising the animal for profit. How to choose the breed? There are a few breeds of goats available in the market. Make sure to find out which one will the owner be able to take care of properly.

1. Goat Breeds

The kiko goats are larger than the commonly seen goats. The breed originates from New Zealand. This breed may require a larger piece of land to roam around. The myotonic or the fainting goat is found mostly in Texas. These goats experience temporary paralysis when shocked or startled. This is a medium sized breed.

The Spanish goat is a cross breed and is widely seen in America. They have small udders making them move easily. Some breeds are more expensive than others because they are pure bred and some are show type. Although the care may be similar to all, some breeds require extra or additional care in raising meat goats.

2. Taking Care of Goats

Taking care of goats can be easy if the owner has land, money for capital, and care takers. All they have to do is build cage houses for the animals and a fence to prevent them from escaping and also to prevent predators from entering the cage houses. Good and nutritious food should also be given to keep the goats healthy. They usually eat plants and weeds and they get half of the nutrition from there. But if the owner wants perfect meat, then he has to incorporate some vitamins and supplements for the goats to achieve optimum health. Regular check up will also be a big help. The veterinarian can also give advice on raising meat goats properly. If the goats were taken care of properly and were given the required nutrition, then the owner can expect the high quality meat.

3. Marketing Meat Goat

Marketing the meat produce is as easy as raising meat goats because almost everyone buys this meat. The highest demand comes from America, Australia and the Middle East. But the owner should know what particular type of meat the consumers want. For example, some people want the meat of a young goat because they believe it is fresh and full of nutrients. Like in the Muslim community, they want their meat to be very clean that is why they only buy young goats with no permanent teeth because they want to make sure the goat has not eaten anything dirty yet.



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