Starting A Meat Goat Farm - 4 Factors To Make Your Goal Become A Reality


Starting a meat goat farm is not really difficult if you know how. Livestock is one of the fastest moving businesses these days and there are proven tips to help you succeed. The demand for livestock keeps on increasing every year and goats are one of the biggest profit producers among them. Fresh goat meat is widely patronized by ethnic groups especially in America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, among others. Goat meat is very healthy and this is commonly consumed by people who are meticulous with their health status that is why it is popularly used in different cuisines. This article will be telling the summary on 4 tips on starting a meat goat farm.

First of all, give the goats a proper house. Starting a meat goat farm is very easy as long as they have proper housing and care. This may require a caretaker that will always be available to watch over the animals and has knowledge on how to raise them. It also requires a small piece of land only where they can live and roam around freely. A lot of care takers say that caged goats are easier to raise because they are safer and tamed. In this controlled environment, 6 females and one male can live and reproduce without problems. They are also easier to monitor and there are lesser incidents of parasites. Make sure the housing has continuous flow of air and water supply.

Second, goats are browsers and they do not like rotten foods. They are easy to feed and the caretaker assigned should always remember not to over feed these goats. Goats may sometimes eat grass but this is not their first choice on food. There are a lot of different plants that they like more than grass. Some alternative food with supplementation is also sometimes given to make them healthier and they would grow easily so that your investment will also return fast.

Female goats will be ready to breed in about 10-12 months of age and the male can mate at 12 months old. Females can get impregnated easily as long as they mate at the proper timing. Some of the signs that the female is ready when her genital is slightly swollen and there is discharge of mucous. Mated females should be separated and monitored for the next 3 weeks if they were successful in getting pregnant and they need more care than the others. Goats usually are pregnant until 4 and a half months to 5 and a half months and they give birth usually to two kids. The mother should be milked 30-40 days until the kid can eat alone.

Milking the mother is usually done in the morning. Mothers who have just delivered their babies should be watched closely to see the progress of her health. The babies should also be fed well when they are ready to let go of the mother’s milk. Starting a meat goat farm is very easy as long as the person has knowledge. Ask the local veterinarian for some tips and advice on starting a meat goat farm.


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